Accounting software online is designed to provide access to information through the cloud without the need for traditional in-house resources.

In addition, the information is stored digitally so that authorized personnel can gain access when necessary. This technology has many advantages over traditional desktop accounting software, such as a variety of features and the ability to change and upgrade the software as needed.

Top Features of Accounting Software Online

Several online accounting platforms offer developer partner programs where developers can create specific applications to suit the specific needs of a particular company. Here are some of the top features of popular accounting software online.


One popular online accounting software is QuickBooks. It offers a number of collaboration tools, making it easy to use on the go.

However, its limitations include a lack of tax management capabilities and highly customized invoicing. Nevertheless, it is a great option for scaling businesses.


Akaunting offers free, cloud-based accounting software online. It has a friendly user interface, works across multiple platforms, and provides a wealth of add-ons. Although it does lack some essential accounting features, its features are impressive, and the app is free to use on any device.

Unlike other accounting software, this app is compatible with different platforms, and can also be downloaded without any additional cost.

Akaunting offers a free accounting software online, which is limited to one user and one credit card. It is also lacking in custom reporting and Android support, but it has great reports and a powerful user interface. Akaunting is open-source, cloud-based accounting software that launched in 2017. It has over 100,000 downloads and 30,000 cloud users.


FreshBooks has a comprehensive online accounting system that can be customized to suit the unique needs of small businesses. It offers flexible features that allow you to stay in control of your finances and keep track of your cash flow. The software allows you to create invoices, track income, and generate financial reports. You can even set up recurring invoices.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is cloud-based accounting software that integrates with other financial services and tools. Its feature set includes automated invoices, recurring transactions, budgeting, timesheets, and a handy client portal. It also has a payroll feature and allows you to manage your tax liabilities with ease.

The service also offers phone, live chat, and email support. A free account allows you to track expenses, and its paid plan also has an entry-level free plan. Depending on your needs and budget, you can purchase an unlimited number of users.


Another great accounting software online option is CloudBooks, which offers a free and paid version. Its free version allows you to have one user and one invoice every month. You can also sign up for the paid version for $10 per month, which offers additional features such as live chat support and more payment processing options.


GnuCash is another free accounting software option. The software allows you to track invoices and manage customers’ unpaid balances.

In addition, it also allows you to track payments and create custom invoice templates. Although it doesn’t offer advanced accounting features, it does have an extensive list of features and can be used by beginners. It has a free trial that lets you try it out for 14 days before you commit to a paid version.


Xero is another free accounting software online option for small businesses. This cloud-based accounting software is compatible with all types of devices with an active internet connection. This system is designed to make account reconciliation and cash flow management easy for small businesses.

It also allows you to upload paper receipts and invoices. It also offers end-to-end reconciliation tools and is designed to integrate with Gusto payroll. This is one of the most popular accounting software options online.


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