While it’s true that free hosting for wordpress websites can come with drawbacks, they’re a small price to pay for a quality website.

Most free services offer 3GB of bandwidth and 300MB of disk space, plus an CPanel for easy management. Some providers also offer premium plans with more resources, though they’ll require you to register a domain name and use a credit card to sign up.

Free hosting for wordpress website

Hosting for Students

AccuWeb: This company is committed to helping students and recent graduates of computer and systems engineering majors afford the rising costs of higher education. They offer free hosting for wordpress website for students and recent grads and help them launch a profitable technology career.

A study by Google found that a slow website can lose up to 90% of its traffic. By using a WordPress theme, your company’s branding can be incorporated into the site’s design and navigation.

Free Domain

AccuWeb is another free hosting option that offers a generous Free hosting for wordpress website plan. This provider is based in Montreal, Canada and offers a 30-day free trial. It is one of the few free WordPress website hosts that gives you access to cPanel and the latest versions of PHP, but it does not offer free subdomains or domain names.

Nonetheless, it’s a great option for a single, high-traffic WordPress site. The downsides to AccuWeb’s plan are that they offer only a single website, while premium plans include unlimited hosting. You can choose your own domain name, or even use a free subdomain.

Choose Server Location

Another free hosting provider that offers a generous Free hosting for wordpress website plan is AccuWeb. This company allows one website per account and requires government-issued ID to register. You can choose the server location that best suits your needs, but you can only use one domain name at a time.

Site Monetization

The downside to AccuWeb’s free WordPress hosting plan is that you can’t use your domain name with it. You can’t get a free subdomain. This is a very limited offering, but it’s worth considering if you’re serious about monetizing your site.

AccuWeb is a well-known provider of free and premium WordPress hosting plans. With free WordPress hosting, you get access to cPanel and the latest versions of PHP. You can even customize the theme and add your own domain name.

Unlimited Space and Transfer

With AccuWeb, you’ll have unlimited space and transfer. Its premium plans come with limits. Unlike other free WordPress hosting, AccuWeb does not have any advertising on their servers.

Besides free WordPress hosting, AccuWeb also offers premium hosting plans. This company has been around since 2003 and is one of the best choices for Free hosting for wordpress website.

Customize your Brand

They offer the most generous free plans for wordpress websites, and they also let you customize it to match your company’s branding. It’s also important to find a good host with good features, so look for a site that you can grow with.


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