Welcome reader! Here I am explaining about the Best car insurance companies. Top Car insurance companies in India are necessary for the driver to absorb financial risk occurring anytime because of unavoidable circumstances. But not all car insurance estimator offer the lowest price and best service.

Pricing and discount made up the car owner’s mind to take the premium from the particular insurance company. Besides that, the best car insurance rates depend on the client’s demand, area, pricing, location, driver’s age, driver’s credit history, and other variable things.

Although many car insurance online quote has provided all the facilities that a driver may need but, due to some reason, one gets the best priority when selecting the best one for doing insurance with them. Here we will discuss some car insurance quotes comparison that should be made first in choosing the best insurance company, what to do, and finally, some list of best insurance companies for the driver’s choice list.

Top car insurance companies in India

At present, the number of vehicles in India is very high. Vehicles must be insured to drive on Indian roads. Moreover, the demand for car insurance rates has been increasing tremendously in recent years. It is unnecessary to buy a new car; it is essential to insure the vehicle’s damage. But before that, you need to know the details of car insurance online quote of the best car insurance companies.

1. ICICI Lombard Car Insurance.

ICICI Lombard the best car insurance companies are one of the top car insurance companies in India. This company not only provides you with comprehensive or first-party car insurance estimator coverage but also other features.


  • There are online policies that can be purchased in installments.
  •  Available in over 3400 network garages.
  •  ICICI Lombard Company’s car insurance quotes comparison claim ratio is 8.44%.
  • The net income premium of this car insurance rates is Rs. 4,142,19 crore.
  • Zero Depreciation, Roadside Assistance, Accident Coverage.
  • ICICI Lombard Car Insurance online quote policies cover vehicle damage and theft at the natural level, personal accident, and third party legal liability.

2. HDFC Ergo the best Car Insurance Companies

HDFC Ergo Car Insurance is the highest car insurance rates exchange among HDFC private top car insurance companies in India. In 2013, it was recognized by IAIR as the best general car insurance estimator in India.


  • Cashless claim service is available in more than 3400 garages.
  • Online service facility and have car insurance estimator. You will get a car insurance online quote.
  • 24-hour customer service facility.
  • The demand ratio of HDFC Ergo car insurance quotes comparison is 74.38%.
  • HDFC Ergo, the best car Insurance companies policies cover vehicle damage and theft, personal accidents, and third-party legal liability.
  • Provide discounts based on occupation and age—advantages of the prompt claim settlement process.

3. Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Estimator

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Company is another largest company. Read car insurance online quote about this company. You will find a good car insurance estimator and compare it with others.


  • The facility to buy insurance is available in online installments.
  • Cashless claim service and car insurance quotes comparison is available in more than 1500 garages.
  • Bajaj Allianz’s best car insurance Companies claim ratio is 72.20%.
  • The net income premium of this car insurance rates is Tk. 362.7 crores.

4. Oriental car insurance by the government

Oriental, the top car insurance companies in India, owned by the central government, is the best company to get motor insurance. Won Best Public Insurance Award and Best Bank and Financial Institution Award.

  • Advantages of quick claim settlement.
  • Policyholders provide valuable add-on covers.
  • Oriental Car Insurance Company’s claim ratio is 8.19%.
  • The net income of this car insurance estimator is Tk. 4000.28 crore.
  • Accidental damages, third-party liability, and car insurance online quote, the benefits of offering various add-ons.
  • It provides zero depreciation, alternative car services, and car insurance quotes comparison to free emergency services with a one-year term.

Which Car insurance is best in India

Several insurance companies have an extensive client garage network based on top car insurance in India regulatory and development authority. Also, they have reasonable car insurance rates and incurred claim ratios.

Insurance Company

Cashless garage network

Incurred Claim Ratios

Bajaj Allianz Car insurance 3500- 4500 65-66%
Bharti Axa Car insurance 5000-5500 65-66%
Cholamandalam Car insurance 6500-7000 82-84%
Digit Car Insurance 1000-1500 72-74%
Edelweiss Car Insurance 800-1200 116-117%
Future Generali Car Insurance 2200-2600 57-59%
IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance 6500-6900 79-82%
HDFC ERGO Car Insurance 4000-4500 87-89%
Liberty Car Insurance 800-1300 75-78%
Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance 4200-4600 70-72%
New India Assurance Car NA 116-118%
National Car Insurance 1200-1500 85-87%
Oriental Car Insurance NA 101-103%
Universal Sompo Car Insurance NA 89-92%
Reliance Car Insurance 3500-3700 84-87%
Royal Sundaram Car Insurance


4500-4700 92-95%
SBI Car Insurance 5200-5700 92-96%
Shriram Car Insurance 1100-1500 65-67%
Raheja QBE Car Insurance NA 80-82%
Tata AIG Car Insurance 500-1000 96-97%
United India Car Insurance 900-1500 103-105%

Consider before choosing the insurance:

Before choosing the company’s insurance policy, read car insurance quotes that comparison based on the client demand and customer service standard that the company maintains. Besides, Customer satisfaction is the main thing in this respect. Here is the list that the owner of the car mainly considers are given below –

  • Online Facilities

If the insurance company has an online facility, it is easy to access that company’s service from home and buy the premium, not going outside. It is the main thing that nowadays customers are mainly required for. So the online facilities and access for it is much essential in choosing the best insurance company.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

It will be an excellent opportunity to step ahead of the competition. Because the customer needs a real-time solution to their problem and thus they can solve it via online or mobile service. The quality of customer service, for this reason, should be improved by the company to provide better service to have more customers to buy their premium.

  • Mentally Secure:

Having car insurance quotes comparison makes a driver mentally secure. To avoid any unavoidable circumstances, the driver must have bought a policy to get financial assistance by which he can be legally satisfied.

  • Protected from liabilities and Own Damage

Sometimes, the car insurance estimator has the policy to become mentally free from any liabilities that may occur occasionally. Car injury,  Body injury, death, or property damage is the standard issue for drivers. So to become mentally sound, they need car insurance rates.  Also, car insurance can secure a driver to recover their damage, explosion, or theft.

Final Word

We can conclude that the best car insurance companies can minimize client loss and protect them from romancing any financial obligation.

Car insurance rates handle all the risks in a legal way that a person cannot control. So in the broader sense, all car owners need to have a car insurance estimator. The top car insurance companies in India list for the car insurance quote online company has been listed here.

Anyone can choose from the car insurance quotes comparison list and then research their respective website to dig out more data. Thus a car owner finds the best deal among all car insurance companies. Above all, online access facilities should be the leading interest for the customer in choosing the best car insurance.

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