Cost is the main factor in determining the best car insurance companies for an owner or driver. Many owners can not get the proper insurance policy due to various car insurance estimator cost reduction techniques. Although some car insurance types offer extensive features for the owner to minimize the cost to invest in insurance and get the best deal out of it.

Depending on the insurance company, the total coverage premium may vary from $1500 to $2200. Also, the car insurance average cost. The coverage premium can range from $400-$700.  Besides that, there are many differences based on various states in the USA. So in the following discussion, we will dig out of it and do car insurance compare with others and find the owner’s cheapest car insurance premium.

Car insurance types of costs

To find the cheapest car insurance types policy, one needs to dig the whole out of it. Various types should be considered while selecting the best car insurance companies. The kinds of selection of a car insurance estimator are as follows.

1. Car insurance estimator by the state

Car insurance average cost may vary from state to state depending on the living style and cars’ annual production. Also, you may car insurance compare with different forms with car insurance estimator regulations and policies that also affect the premium cost. Here are some lists about top states in the USA to find an idea about the cost depending on conditions. By comparing the average prices of different forms, it is found that the lowest and cheapest car insurance cost is in.


Average Quarterly  Coverage Premium ($)

Minimum Coverage Premium ($) (annually)

Alaska $520 $370-$375
Arizona $516 $550-$555
California $688 $730-$735
Colorado $672 $515-$520
District of Columbia $618 $700-$705
Florida $788 $1,100- $1,110
Georgia $661 $755-$765
Hawaii $375 $345-$350
Kentucky $709 $740-$750
Louisiana $908 $970-$980
New Jersey $586 $845-$855
New Mexico $473 $380-$390
New York $774 $1,050-$1,060
Nevada $749 $861-$865

2. Car insurance average cost by the insurance company

Different car insurance estimator have other quotes to attract the customer to have their premium. The premium, which has the lowest cost, car insurance compare has the least coverage for its damage. The car insurance average cost is high-cost premium has the opposite. When choosing a bonus, one should follow the requirement based on their need so that the tip will be cost-effective. Here are some lists of top car insurance companies that offer various premiums for cars.

Insurance Companies

Average Quarterly Coverage Premium ($)

Minimum Coverage Premium ($) (annually)

Amica $459 $400-$410
Met-life $708 $820-830
Geico $468 $430-$440
Allstate $640 $690-$700
Erie $411 $400-$410
Farmers $667 $800-$810
Nationwide $494 $500-$510
Progressive $503 $508-590
USAA $408 $380-390

3. Cost of car insurance types

Sound driving keeps the owner a decent record, and hence it is also taken into consideration while issuing the best premium for cars. A good driving record is necessary to get the best compensation from car insurance companies. It indicates how much money a driver can bear for insurance while he is in distress. If a driver has a decent record, the premium will be the best. But it will be moderate or lower on vice-versa.

The car insurance average cost total coverage premium ranges from $1650-$1700 with a clean driving record while having speeding accidents, and it grows higher. The ranges vary from $1900-$2900. Car Insurance companies increase the premium rate when there is any chance that the car owner has the probability to damage or intend to do an accident frequently. If a driver has a bad record, then the cost of the premium will rise higher. The average full coverage you can do car insurance compare and minimum coverage of premium is listed below-

Driving Records

Average Full Coverage premium (annually)

Average minimum Coverage premium (annually)

Clean Driving record $1650-$1700 $560-$565
Speed unrest $1860-$1890 $630-$640
DUI condemn $2800-$2900 $990-$1000
Accident $2300-$2400 $800-$850

4. Car insurance compare cost based on owner’s age

Generally, teenagers are not encouraged to drive cars. But that is not illegal. The car insurance types company have some policy that minimizes the companies’ risk for a particular aged driver. Research and do car insurance compare showed that the age between 40-60 years had been affected less by accident on average. The teen drivers intend to drive recklessly so that their premium is the highest. So the car insurance average cost of the premium is also lower for these category people. For the cheapest car insurance estimator and the average price for different aged people and also the correlation between them are listed below-

Age limit

Annual Premium

12-20 $4570
21-30 $1885
31-40 $1445
41-50 $1395
51-60 $1300
61-70 $1315

5. Car insurance costs based on gender

Gender plays a vital role for car insurance companies. The driving behaviors of males and females are different, and hence the car insurance types policy for them is also different. Men usually engaged in riskier driving intend to damage the car, and more accidents occur while female drivers drive cars more gently. So the risk of having damage to cars goes down for women concerning men. The table below shows that teenaged men have the most expensive premium for car insurance. The annual car insurance compare between the male driver, and female driver is intensively huge. The average premium for both genders are listed following-

Age Range

Male (Annual Premium)

Female (Annual Premium)

12-24 $5500-$5800 $4700-$5000
25-35 $2040-$2060 $1900-$1950
36-55 $1600-$1650 $1700-$1730
56-65 $1410-$1430 $1370-$1400

Final Word

Car insurance types of its owners can determine the best deal for their vehicles by car insurance compare the average cost and different criteria. But comparing the car insurance average cost, data listed above, an owner who lives in Hawaii can take a premium from the Erie insurance company.

Having a clean driving record with ages between 51-60 and a female, you will find the cheapest car insurance estimator policy and best premium with the most affordable quotes for cars. But this listing may vary from time to time. Although the data listed here describe the best car insurance companies policy for women, male people also find the excellent insurance premium for themselves compared to costs.

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